Through our LIS-SANNE business in Luxembourg, we are able to provide clients with a turnkey framework for investment funds in Luxembourg. We appreciate that setting up your own Management Company can be extremely resource-intensive, requiring time, manpower and knowledge of applicable regulations. Our Management Company solution allows you to quickly establish a presence through which you can simply appoint LIS-SANNE as dedicated alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) for your alternative investment vehicle, avoiding delays, cutting initial expenditure and increasing your return on investment.

Advantages at a glance include:

> COST-EFFECTIVENESS - There is a reduction in expenditure concerning adherence with AIFMD compliance

> QUICK MARKET ENTRY - There is no heavy initial investments required. Infrastructure is already established and human resources are available.

> SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT - There is one professional co-coordinator for all fund-related concerns.

> MORE TIME TO MANAGE - Having your fund administered through our management company platform means clients can focus on core competencies: portfolio management and asset growth.

Our management company services are available on a full or partial outsourcing basis.